Fiction Editor Kenny Dyer-Redner Completes 1,000 Mile Journey

2016-04-11 14.04.30
Fiction Editor Kenny Dyer-Redner, making his way between Fernley to Lovelock, NV.

It’s been a huge week for RED INK: The journal has officially relaunched and Issue 18.1 is now for sale. But our mission is to be more than just a print journal; we want to engage with communities beyond academia.

Fiction editor Kenny Dyer-Redner is proof of that, as he’s recently completed an amazing journey across fifteen reservations for his thesis VEHICLE OF RESISTANCE: A BICYCLE RIDE FOR THE LAND, CULTURE, AND COMMUNITY.

Marshall Terrill talked to Kenny about his work, which “uses a theoretical framework that explores four concepts: history/land, storytelling, the physical body and political action.” Read more about Kenny’s thesis and trip in Terrill’s article for ASU Now.

We’re so proud of you, Kenny! At our Issue 18.1 mailing party, Kenny looked happy if tired, saying:

“It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to do it again. I am happy to be home again with my family, though.”