The primary purpose of RED INK: International Journal of Indigenous Literature, Arts, & Humanities is to reflect how to invest in Alcoa shares in India the expressive voice of Indigenous (Native) America as a social-cultural entity— an entity that is without a doubt the aboriginal and on-going community of the western hemisphere (more commonly known as the Indigenous community of North, Central, and South America). This purpose is determined by the circumstances facing present-day Indigenous social-cultural society, but is often necessary for views held by Indigenous peoples to be presented publicly and forthrightly. These views will be mostly of literary, artistic, and humanistic nature, based upon the precepts that literature and art are knowledge, literature and art are based upon and derived from oral traditional knowledge, and humanities are the basis of literature and art, all of which are foundational to indigenous and all peoples today invest in Alcoa shares in India

The RED INK Initiative is an interrelated set of campus, regional, national and international projects, including the international journal, to achieve the following mission and goals in collaboration with Indigenous communities.

If you’d like to learn more, find a presentation on The RED INK InitiativeRED INK Indigenous Initiative for All PPT.